245- Jurassic Park (1993)

you fat fuck

you fat fuck.

Dinosaurs!Well here’s a nice family favourite that you can sit down on a Sunday and watch.I haven’t seen this one in ages. Didn’t even realise Samuel L.Jackson is in it.That guy’s in everything.Watching this again i was in amazed in some parts and in others i was a bit crestfallen.Some bits seemed like the CGI was made by a toddler in Microsoft Paint but maybe it just looked that way because of the crappy download.On the whole this is a good film few stupid bits like when the electric fence is powering up,no one says “hey kid the fence is powering up.Drop now and I’ll catch you or you will die” but instead they start counting down from 3 or something.Stupid.I was going to rate it a bit    lower but when i looked back and seen it was 1993 ,nearly 20 years ago, i decided that it deserved a little more seeing as they didn’t have tons to work with back then.

IMDB RATING      –     8
MY RATING     –     8.1
RECOMMEND?     –     YES