97 – Raging Bull (1980)

The way Jack keeps trying to crack onto this 15 year old they should change the title to "Under-aging Bull"

Jake hooks up with a 15 year old girl.Raging Bull?More like UNDERaging Bull.

Another fight movie here,not so much focusing on the fights but more on the fighter,Jake La Motta.It’s all a true story too.Where to begin?At the start of the film Jake has the hots for this 15 year old,which i thought was weird because Jake has to be nearly 40.Wrong.I checked on wikipedia and Jake was only 19 but De Niro was 37 so that’s what threw it for me.Jake already has a wife when he meets this new chick,he treats his wife like shit and is the biggest douche in America in my opinion.Joe Pesci is in this too playing Joe Pesci,well actually he’s Jakes brother but in every film Pesci is the same character.It’s like he was plucked right out of Casino and dropped into this film.Jakes a good fight and hammers everyone but has some insecurities about women,oh and he divorces his old wife and takes up with the new one when she hits 18.He fights a bit,,shouts at his wife a bit and is generally a prick.When he gives up boxing he opens a club and lets little girls in and ‘introduces’ them to guys.Girls who are 14 in an over 21 club.This is all still a true story.After all said and done Jake takes up stand up comedy.

IMDB RATING      –     8.3
MY RATING     –    7
SEEN BEFORE     –     NO
RECOMMEND?     –     NO