238 – Let the Right One In (2008)

"Um,excuse me,i asked for a non-smoking room"

“Um,excuse me,i asked for a non-smoking room”

Now this films a treat,a real gem.I don’t think this is on many peoples radar because it’s Swedish but as it’s just been remade in America,i think this year,so maybe some people will want to see the original and if i know America and it’s remakes of Euro art-house films it’ll suck (i.e. Funny Games).The story is an adaptation of a novel of the same name.Let the right one tells a tale of prepubescent love between a boy and a vampire.There’s not a lot of dialogue in this film , you could probably fit it all on the back of a beermat.And it’s the fact that it doesn’t spoon feed you that leaves you with questions at the end.When i first watched it i didn’t have a clue about the nude bit with Eli.I didn’t even twig that Eli was a boy.Sure I’m just after spoiling the film but there’s other shit i still haven’t figured out entirely yet.I’ll give it another year and re-watch it and see what i come up with then.

IMDB RATING      –     8
MY RATING     –     8.4

P.S. notable scene: the cats hating on the old woman.

240 – Papillon (1983)

Indy ?

Indy ?

Well this was a long ‘un at two and a half hours but a good one for sure.On the whole the films about the human spirit and mans will to be free.But hey is it depressing watching a bunch of guys constantly get fucked over while trying to escape.A lot of the charters get killed after you’ve invested a lot in them and it doesn’t seem to bother the main characters too much, I guess you can’t get bogged down too much because you gotta look out for number one.Notable good scenes: the marching of the prisoners at the beginning with the cattle audio track overlay,the man collapsing and squashing a chicken and a few other ones i can’t think of at the moment.
First film with tits in it since I started the list.Illegal tits if you ask me too.Watch the film and you’ll see what I mean.

IMDB RATING      –     8
MY RATING     –     7.3
RECOMMEND?     –     YES

242 – The Untouchables (1987)

Can't touch this

Can’t touch this

This is a good film.First one I’ve really watched and thought ‘shit, how’d i miss this one?’.At just under 2 hours long i was expecting some shit godfather type rubbish but this is well paced with no unnecessary filler.Some pretty good acting from James Bond himself , the good Bond not the crap one (you know who you are Roger Moore) and a stellar haircut on Kevin Costner.I noticed on the credits at the beginning that Gorgio Armani did the wardrobe/costume and credit to it.There was a couple of pitfalls in the film, notably the police chiefs poor poor Irish accent and the fact that some people can take 1 bullet to die while others can survive until after lunch next Wednesday.When i typed up this thing i had to double check the date 1987,holy fuck i thought it was a mid nineties film.

IMDB RATING      –     8
MY RATING     –     8.2
RECOMMEND?     –     YES

Oh yeah , i didn’t get the whole Al Capone thing.Everyone knew he was a crook.The media loved him,dozens of journos were hanging round him laughing at his jokes,and he was rolling in cash yet it took fucking ages to bust him.WTF?Nowadays the c.a.b. would take his shit and put him in jail.End of.