249 – Rio Bravo (1959)



Rio Bravo – a film about alcoholism.This film is a bit of a double edged dildo,half crap halve not too bad.its a slow burner.The beginning is pretty crap , it’s got loads of stereotypical western shit and everyone is over acting.It seems like it would be a good show on stage if they cut it to about an hour but as a film for over two hours,not too good.

Dean Martin learns to act an hour in.Bruce Wayne is a massive dummy.He must be in his 50’s but there’s a good looking woman that’s 22 who is mad for the ride but i guess he’s too dumb to see it.now stumpy i don’t know what to make of that buck.he seems like the basis for all the old west gold prospectors or something.Everyone in this film seems like a caricature of a person and that’s where the theatre thing comes in , over acting lawd.Some of the action scenes are over dubbed and you can notice it a mile off and for 90% of the whole film you’re totally aware you’re watching a set or sound-stage but other than that it’s okay.

IMDB RATING      –     8
MY RATING     –     5.5
RECOMMEND?     –     NO

Knicker sniffing at the end.