250 – King Kong (1933)

Get out will ya. I've got a chair. I've got a chair god damn it!?!

Get out will ya. I’ve got a chair. I’VE GOT A CHAIR GOD DAMN IT !?!

And so it begins.First film to kick it off was this beaut,King Kong.Not a bad film overall it has some good action scenes and good cut aways for an old film and a few funny bits that still work on today’s level.The score works well in places but in other parts it can be a bit heavy and bits would have worked better if they toned it down a little. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the whole story but it’s about this David Attenborough type buck who got a map to an island where’s there’s a giant beast.So he decides to go there to make a film,but at the behest of film reviewers he needs a ‘flapper’,some eye candy,to make the film sell more.They go to the island, Kong grabs the girl and they chase him to get her back.It’s all mad craic.
I just had a few beefs with the film.

  • First of all the wall keeping Kong out is about twice his height,can he not just climb over it?Sure he can climb the Empire State building no problem.
  • Secondly there’s a big massive door on the wall to keep the guy out,which he breaks through,why not make a human sized door so he can’t get through?Or put no door in it altogether,just all wall?

IMDB RATING      –     8
MY RATING     –     6.7
RECOMMEND?     –     YES

Oh yeah , and there’s a T-Rex in it too.