The Final Post

the end

Well as they say in the cartoons : “That’s all folks!”
It’s been a long year and i thought i’d try and do a last post to recap and maybe wrap it all up with some stats on the directors or writers.

Right lets look at the Directors first.

  • Tied at the top with 8 films each is Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick
  • next we have Charlie Chaplin with 6 films under his belt to feature on the list.
  • Spielberg and Scorsese take third place with 5 a piece.
  • Tarantino has 4
  • And the Coen brothers and Peter Jackson have 3 each also.

Another thing,Stephen king had a few films on the list and they are all pretty descent so i thought i’d give him a mention,he has a writing credit for 4 films i think.I may be wrong but it seemed like he had more.

Aiden mentioned to me there on  Facebook about recommending a few films in the final re-cap so here goes,but i’m sure most people have seen these.

  • 12 Angry Men , everyone should watch this one.Got me thinking at the end:Is the guy in white an Angel?
  • City of God,great film.There’s a good documentary called City of God -10 years later.It’s worth a look too.
  • Requiem for a dream,it’s a fucked up film but the camera work is pretty good.

That’s just from the top 100, i think i’ve done other recaps every 50 or so films though out the list so if you want to see them then have a search on the blog.

That concludes the blog,i think i’m going to start up another project but i need a bit of time to get my shit together with downloads but i’ll have one more post after this one in the coming weeks with a link to the URL.I’m thinking either it’s going to be “Every banned film in Europe” or “800 eighties movies”.Either way thanks for taking time out and reading my drunken ramblings.Yo.

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