3 – The Godfather: Part II (1974)

The ring Fredo,we have to destroy the ring!

The ring Fredo,we have to destroy the ring!

I said in my very first post that i would watch every film in order and i have up until this.Lord of The Rings and Star Wars included.But they messed me around doing that so seeing as i’m at the last 2 films I’ve gone ahead and watched Godfather I first.Right Godfather II follows on from Micheal Corleone takes over from his dad and becomes the don.The film has two time lines running at the same time.In one we have Micheal as he runs the Mafia and gets indited and in the other we have the tale of how his dad becmae the don.I found the flashback story to be better.It stars De Niro as Vito and takes place in or around the year 1917.Vitos dad gave guff to a mafia boss in Corleone Italy and was killed for it.They also killed his wife and his son,Vito barely made it away.He’s about 12 years old and bundled off to America on his own.He ebbs out a life and has family and slowly gets involved in small time crime.It’s a good story but on the whole i found the film to be boring,i drifted off a few times and had to rewind it back 10 minutes.I can see why it’s on the list,great acting but just long and boring.Robert Duvall is my favourite character in this.A solid performance.

IMDB RATING      –     9.2
MY RATING     –    7.3
SEEN BEFORE     –     NO
RECOMMEND?     –     NO

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