4 – Pulp Fiction (1994)

Tim what ever floats your boat buddy.

Tim what ever floats your boat buddy.

I think Pulp Fiction is one of the most over rated films out there .There are some good scenes and a few bits of dialogue but as a whole,i don’t like it.Even at this early stage in his career Tarantino has a few title cards that aren’t even needed.Why must he spoon feed the audience?Give them a bit of credit for gods sake.For example when Marsellus is introduced he’s talking to Vince or Jules and there’s a title card that shows their names and within about 15 seconds they mention their own names in casual conversation.There’s a few other things that got my goat.Quite a few.Lets see, first , when Vince is having dinner with Mia he asks to try her shake.He then goes to remove her straw.What the fuck was that about?Was he going to remove hers put his in,remove his and pop hers back?Eh, the price of a box of smokes is $1.40 but a gram of heroin in $300?Does that sound right to you?And that’s the cheap heroin too,Vince bought the $500 stuff.Also heroin is off white a more brown colour,sure it comes from opium,it’s not white and i think Mia would have noticed if it wasn’t white.Em what else,Butchs woman is like 13 years old-maybe 10 mentally,oh Butch has a smoke after the fight as the taxi drives ,window fully down beside him and lights a smoke off a match.Bullshit that match would be blown out and his fag would fly out the window and he’d be sucked out into space.The end.

IMDB RATING      –     8.9
MY RATING     –    7.1
RECOMMEND?     –     NO

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