7 – The Dark Knight (2008)

Eminem is The Joker?

Eminem is The Joker?

Dark Knight?Dark shite more like.Nah,that’s a bit harsh innit?I’m not sure why but i don’t like this film.Maybe it was all the hype surrounding it what with The Ledge dying pretty soon after filming.I liked the one before this and the one after it but this one i thought was just a bit average.Nothing spectacular.The plot for the Dark Knight; we’re introduced to a new madman,The Joker, and a new good guy in Harvey Dent.Dent is the new district attorney and seems like he’s got the guts to tackle the mobsters and shut down organised crime.The Joker,as mad as he looks,is running about setting up games and planting hundreds or barrels of petrol and bombs everywhere.I don’t know where he gets the time.Busy guy.The Joker gets Batman by the balls,metaphorically,and blackmails him into showing his face.He starts killing off civilians so then Gotham hates him.There’s also a change or actress in this if nobody noticed,Katie Holmes was booted off and the door looking Maggie Glynenenenenenthall takes her spot.Her performance is pretty poor in my opinion.At the end the film just ends.That’s it.No inclination of what to expect in the next instalment,this kind of left me on a bum note.

IMDB RATING      –     8.9
MY RATING     –    7.1
RECOMMEND?     –     NO

One response to “7 – The Dark Knight (2008)

  1. “Will the real _____ please stand up” is from a television game show, where the person would give clues on their profession, and the contestant would have to figure it out. this was way before Eminem’s song “The Real Slim Shady” came out.

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