14 – Inception (2010)

Osama Bin Laden would have loved Cobbs reality.

Osama Bin Laden would have loved Cobbs reality.

Inception.Fuck yeah.Now that’s a film.The first time i watched this was with my brother,Alex,and his wife.Just as the credits started rolling he stood up and said “What a fucking load of shit” or something to that effect and left the room.It is a bit of a tricky one to take all in with a first viewing.Even now with this being about the 3rd or 4th time watching it i found it to be mesmerizing and amazing.Chris Nolan hats off to you.I’ll try to describe the plot but probably won’t do it justice enough.Inception is a sci-fi film where it’s possible to enters a persons mind while they are dreaming to steal valuable information,however you can also plant an idea,inception, but this is really tricky. Di Capaccino as Cobb is tasked with planting an idea in the head of the heir to an energy super company thing. Kato,the guy who wants to break up the company,hires Cobb and promises him he’ll expunge his criminal record in the U.S. so he can fly home and see his kids.Cobb gets a team together and everything goes off like a dream,within a dream,within a dream within a dream.Or does it?The visuals are excellent,the cast are damn near perfect,bar Michael Caine who i wouldn’t have bothered with.I just read some of the trivia from IMDB and Brad Pitt was almost the lead,would it have made a difference?I’m not sure.Also Nolans second original script,the rest being franchises or remakes.Fuck,lets get another together mate.

IMDB RATING      –     8.7
MY RATING     –    9.3
RECOMMEND?     –     YES

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