20 – City of God (2002)

12mm ? More like the 12 incher.

12mm ? More like the 12 incher.

I’ve seen City of God only once before.Nine and a half years ago i rented it from Lazer on George Street in Dublin.They had an extensive art house and international films section and we were working our way through them.Excellent film.There’s not much to fault here in this film.It’s got a great story,setting and delivery.It introduces you to interesting characters in one scene and then you have to hold out to find out what’s the beef with them.Camera work and the overall aesthetic of the film is spot on for a film set in the 60’s-70’s.The chicken sequence at the very beginning is bloody hilarious i think.The films set in the favelas of Rio De Janera,City of God,and boy is it a rough place.Kids running around with guns shooting the fuck out of people for no reason other that the fact that they have a gun so why not.The film’s told through quite a few intertwining flashbacks with a narrative over some bits.Good soundtrack too,some great Brazilian music and then more recognisable stuff for the disco scenes in the 70’s.Based on a true story too,you can see the photos and footage of some of the real characters over the credits. I’m just after having a look over the IMDB and it was nominated for 4 Oscars,didn’t win any of them but got a load form other festivals.

IMDB RATING      –     8.7
MY RATING     –    8.8
RECOMMEND?     –     YES


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