23 – Se7en (1995)

Heisenberg shows up in police sketch

Heisenberg shows up in police sketch

Se7en is a great film overall.I don’t know who decided on the name but it sounds like an all boy pop band or something.Good acting from all parties;Pitt,Freeman and even Spacey.Yes even Spacey.He looks normal in this one so it must be before the plunger incident.The look of the film is pretty dark with a lot of colour correction to a green tint.They do this in a few films to give it a grimy look.Just look at Fight Club and you’ll see what i mean,green walls with holes all over,paint hanging off and loads of stuff similar to this that the set people would have to do.Paint a wall normal then peel off the paint for this look.Where am i going with this?No where.There’s a Nine Inch Nails music video over the credits,not credited either. Palthrow i don’t usually like but in this she’s okay.There is one scene where she tells Freeman about the baby that her voice drops about 4 octaves. I’m not sure if this is a mic issue or if her balls dropped but it spoiled the scene for me.She sounded like Princess Amadalla from Star Wars.One last thing that was down right retarded was the final scene with the helicopter escort.If you could take a moment and just focus on what they’re saying.Firstly when the car drives off they talk about it being at 10 O’clock and driving away,i think think they would be using north/east/west or whatever,know what i mean?If the helicopter turns a little to the left the directions are useless,but west and east are constant.Secondly they say “stay on the guy in the red”,seriosly,the guy in the red?How about stay on the suspect,the witness or John Doe.Thirdly they say they can’t land but then he says land,and finally as Mills kills the Doe they say some thing like ‘oh shit,get someone, anyone ,oh no,who can we call’.If these were professionals they would know what to do,eh training,and  just radio base and explain the situation.Oh one last this,the credits are run in reverse.Hard to read.Whats it symbolise?

IMDB RATING      –     8.6
MY RATING     –    8.5
RECOMMEND?     –     YES

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