26 – The Usual Suspects (1995)

Fuck!Me good cup!

Fuck!Me good cup!


Benico Del Toro plays an Argentinian smuggler here and his accent is fucking hilarious.The scene when the 5 guys first meet in the line up is quality.They’re all given a line to read to the person on the other side of the mirror thing and his version is the funniest.The Usual Suspects is a good film and all but i think it’s too high up the list here.I think it’s here mainly because it’s a bit original.None of the actors stand out and the there’s no crazy camera angles or effects.So it’s got to be the script.Spacey stars here as the narrator the story which jumps between his version of past events and present time,where he is being interviewed by a cop.Steven Baldwin wasn’t the worse in this,he kind of disappeared off the map after this and they missed a trick with Gabriel Burn by not having some sort of I.R.A. tie in what with him being Irish.Looking over the credits for director and writer and all that there’s nothing that sticks out to me,maybe the film was a fluke.Also there’s no re-watch value in the film,once you see it once i don’t see what you can take out of it a second time I guess the same can be said for Fight club,once you know the ‘secret’ it’s not the same.Both entertaining none the less.

IMDB RATING      –     8.6
MY RATING     –    7.8
RECOMMEND?     –     YES

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