29 – Psycho (1960)

Norman goes a bit loopy.

Norman goes a bit loopy.

Bras were so much pointier back in the days.I mentioning this because of the scene at 11 minutes in,but i’ve noticed over a good few old or 50’s era films the bras or shape of a womans cleavage was pointier.You could take an eye out with one on a cold day i’d bet.Psycho is about a guy who runs a motel that’s off the beaten track who murders and kills young(ish) women.The woman in question is a secretary or something like that,who decides to steal $40,000 a client leaves in the office to pay for a house he’s buying.On the spur of the moment she decides to steal it and drive off.Drive to where?We never have a clue,i think we’re in the same boat as her.There’s some really dumb bits in this film.She’s being watched by a cop so she pulls into a used car garage and trys to swap her car and buy a new one in about 2 minutes.I think in reality if i were to trade in my old car the garage would want their mechanic to give it a look over wouldn’t they?Psycho doesn’t follow the Hitchcock formula of a perfect crime,it’s pretty much the opposite.It’s just about a nutter.Norman is a hard one to figure out;one moment he looks confident and is cracking jokes and other times he’s nervous and looks anxious.I guess that’s meant to highlight his psychosis or schizophrenia.Peep holes,oh shit don’t get me started on the peep holes in the film.If you were to make a peephole how would you go about it?Drill a small hole,cover one side with something so they don’t notice?Nope,make a hole the size of a XXL pizza one one side of the wall with a small hole on the other.Jesus.

IMDB RATING      –     8.6
MY RATING     –    7
SEEN BEFORE     –     NO
RECOMMEND?     –     YES

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