31 – Léon: The Professional (1994)



Leon came to be as a result of a gap in the filming for The Fifth Element. Besson had 5 weeks before filming began and instead of sitting on his ass doing nothing he threw this script together and shot the movie.Good man yourself Luc.Leon is a classic,there’s a few scenes that are a bit odd but besides all that it works pretty well.The scenes i’m talking about are the ones where Mathilda is coming on to Leon.I think maybe even in one scene Leon is giving it consideration,well maybe not but he’s not barking back a straight ‘no’ but answers her calmy and slowly,treating her like an adult.In some aspects Mathilda seems mature for her age and in others you do have to remember she is a 12 year old kid so sometimes she doesn’t think.Like where she tells the receptionist that Leon is her lover.Pack the plant were off again.What does the plant signify?It’s Leon;sheltered from outside influences,in the big city but alone,safe and well looked after.My mate Kev in college told me after i said i couldn’t remember the end that the plant she was carrying around was a dope plant and in the end she starts to grow dope and gets rich.The guy had me convinced for about a week.In the American version theres 12 or so minutes cut from it,test audiences got uncomfortable with the Leons relationship with Mathilda. Americans.

IMDB RATING      –     8.6
MY RATING     –    8.4
RECOMMEND?     –     YES

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