44 – Citizen Kane (1941)

Drunk again lad.(See The Third Man)

Drunk again lad.(See The Third Man)

Citizen Kane is about the life of a now deceased newspaper magnate called Charles Foster Kane.Following his death a group of journalists are trying to put together a newsreel about his life.They think it’s a little bland and to put an angle on it they try to find out what his last words,”Rosebud”,meant.Through the investigation we meet meet Kanes friends and loved ones who knew him some 50 years ago before he went into seclusion in his private paradise. Kanes parents where a poor couple living in Colorado but when a gold mines worth millions of dollars was found on their land his mother decided to have him raised by a group of people who would control his all the cash and give it to him when he was 25.Kane was like a rich playboy travelling Europe and having a time.But one day he decides to return to America and wants to have a stab at running a newspaper that the group of investors had acquired some time ago.Kane has some strange ideas when it comes to the paper.Most times printing conjecture and making stuff up to make it appeal more to the people.As the film progresses he gets quite a bit of power and revels in the public’s adoration.This is his downfall.Citizen Kane is revered as one of it not the best pieces in cinematographic history and for parts of it it is ahead of it’s time.Uses of cuts,fades,transitions and various other camera techniques that are the bog standard today were pioneered by this film.On my first watch of this film I was blow away by this one,definitely worth a watch folks.

IMDB RATING      –     8.5
MY RATING     –    8.3
RECOMMEND?     –     YES


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