45 – Modern Times (1936)

A drug search in jail for coke.

A drug search in jail for coke.

Modern Times is about the little tramp and how he has a nervous breakdown from working on an assembly line.On his release from hospital he accidentally joins a protest and is arrested for being the leader.In jail he managed to ingest a shit load of coke and in his daze he foils a jail break.For this he’s given a comfortable cell and doesn’t want to leave.But because he stopped the crooks he gets a full pardon and is let go.For the rest of the film he gets involved with a teenage orphan runaway.The try and sort out their lives and get jobs,but as always the law catches up with them and they have to flee their place of work cause the cops showed up to lift her.The films a strange one,it’s not quite a talking film nor is it 100% a silent film.There are bits a the beginning where there’s dialogue from characters but as the film goes on they use more and more title cards.That is until Chaplins big song. I’m not sure if it’s him really singing or even a real language,but it was entertaining.I did notice that his wooden shack he was living looked awfully familiar,maybe identical to the wooden cabin in his first film about the gold rush.

IMDB RATING      –     8.5
MY RATING     –    7.1
SEEN BEFORE     –     NO
RECOMMEND?     –     NO

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