200 films watched.50 to go.

It’s been a long old slog.It’s taken over nine months to get to the final 50 and it looks like there could be a light at the of this year long tunnel.Thank fuck.Well like with the other recaps i’ll just mention a few films that stood out from the rubbish in the last 10 weeks.Lets see what we have then.

  • Oldboy – A Korean film that has garnered a cult status for being a bit violent and somewhat dark.Spike Lee has a remake coming out soon that might be interesting.
  • L.A. Confidential-A from a few years back that i missed when it was doing the rounds.Crowe and Pierce work well together.
  • The Prestige-A magical film.Get it?Magical.There’s magicians in it,that’s the joke.I like this film so much that i may buy the DVD one day just to see what kind of extras they have.

    There was way too many stickers to list here.I mean there were an awful lot of ‘love them or hate them’ films and unfortunately i didn’t like a lot of them.


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