52 – The Departed (2006)

Take that, old man.

Take that, old man.

The departed is based on a Japanese film called Infernal Affairs that was also on the list some time ago.The Departed is one of them films that seems to be almost perfect,for me anyways. We have some excellent casting and Di Capri-Sun gives a descent performance as a cop that has gone so far under cover now doubts who he really is.Leo did a few good films on the trot:Shutter Island,Inception and this.He’s really coming into his own and picking the films right for him.I noticed during the credits that Brad Pitt was one of the producers and found it a bit strange that he wasn’t in it.Maybe he could have played Damons character just as well as him but i don’t know if he could have pulled off the whole Boston thing.The plot isn’t a complex one,a crook has a guy on the inside – a cop and the cops have a guy on the inside pretending to be a crook.And it’s a game of cat and mouse(rat) for each of them to find out who the other is.It’s interesting how each informer is trying to give information to their superiors without being spotted or caught.The final minutes of the film make for some plot twists and there are a few differences here between this version and the Asian one.I noticed a continuity error too,watch when Fitzy hands his ‘cittizins’ envelope to Di Capri-Sun.

IMDB RATING      –     8.4
MY RATING     –    8.6
RECOMMEND?     –     YES

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