62 – Amélie (2001)


You have to be quick if you’re going to get a screen grab of these tits.

I’m not quite sure what to call Amelie.It seems a bit art house but i think it’s pretty mainstream too.I’ve always regarded it the perfect chick flick,or one you’d watch if you were pitching woo at a girl.Well that’s the vibe i get off it anyway.Audrey Tautou looks not too bad in this.I think in nearly every shot she’s filmed from above as to exagerate her eyes and make her look more innocent or pure.The visual and special effects in this are perfect.I couldn’t find one i’d fault.I don’t have an internet connection right now but i’d love to know what the budget was for the SFX.I read online a few weeks ago that Audrey can’t actually skim stones and all the stone skimming sequences were done post prodution with after effects.I think it would have been easier,and cheaper,to teach her how to do it.There’s so many good features to the films;the fantasy sequences,good use of stock footage,original plot,musical score and the overall look of the film with the green filters and camera angles.A good indie film with,i guess,a cult following.

IMDB RATING      –     8.4
MY RATING     –    8.6
RECOMMEND?     –     YES

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