63 – Gladiator (2000)

Nothing out of the ordinary here.Just a brother and sister lying in bed having a chat.

Nothing out of the ordinary here.Just a brother and sister lying in bed having a chat.

I’ve seen Gladiator about once completely before other times i’ve caught bits and pieces of it.I can’t say i don’t not dislike it.It’s good.Yet another Ridley Scott film for the list,this time he tackles a barbaric battle film set in 190A.D.A little different for the futuristic stuff like Alien or Blade Runner.Gladiator is about a general in the Roman army who gets shafted when the old king gets killed and his ass of a son takes over.The Gladiator is called Miximus and is ordered to be killed,along with his family,by the new king.Somehow he isn’t and is taken as a slave and sold to a guy how pitches slaves against glaitors in fights for financial gain.Maximus works his way up the ranks and in no time agian he’s back in Rome fighting for the masses but with a big vendetta against the king.The king realises that Maximus is still alive and things go down hill from there.Scott does a good job of the fight scenes.Great action and stunningly realistic looking.The musical score for the film too works in harmony with every scene.Running at 2 hours 45 you would think the film was long but it passes so quickly and isn’t dragged out anywhere.The dream sequences and the extra frame rate for fight scenes look great.I do happen to know that Oliver Reed died during the making of this film and they have to complete it without him,so if you look at 25 minutes from the end you can see how they did it without him.It’s only 1 scene but we have some back of the head shots(guy in a wig,close up of hands(a hand double),flashback (footage from earlier) and some sort of copy and paste job where Reed is about ten shades brighter than everyone else(different lighting for a different scene).Not a bad effort but it stuck out for be big-style.

IMDB RATING      –     8.4
MY RATING     –    8.4
RECOMMEND?     –     YES


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