64 – The Green Mile (1999)

End of the story.Get it?End of the story.Obvious shit.

End of the story.Get it?End of the story.Obvious shit.

In my second year in college i lived with  guy,lets call him Ciaran(because that was his name,that had a small collection of DVDs,maybe 20 or so.But he watched them numerous times.I think he watched The Green Mile over a dozen times.I could never.He was studying sports fitness and this was one of his favourite films.Maybe it was because he wasn’t doing some sort of course relevant to media that i just poo-ppo’d The Green Mile.But as i look at it now some 9 years later,it’s not that bad.Stephen King knows how to write a film.You just have to look at number 1 on the list to see what i mean.The Green Mile is maybe 40 minutes longer than it should be but it’s good.There’s some good casting and a lot of actors that have worked with each other before,i won’t list them.Some less than lovable characters too,for example Percy.There was one scene that i wanted to punch my laptop screen so bad for in the hope that by magic it would travel directly to Percy in the film.The Green Mile is full of religious references like a man condemned to death who can preform miracles and who most people know is innocent.Jesus right here guys.It’s fairly obvious when you think about it,but still makes for an interesting film.The last scenes that give some sort of closure with Paul,i could have done without.The film should have ended when John died.Just my opinion.Also the CGI for the bugs coming out of the guys mouth didn’t look right.

IMDB RATING      –     8.4
MY RATING     –    8.2
RECOMMEND?     –     YES

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