66 – To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

Boner hat.

Boner hat.

As i read the credits at the beginning i only recognised 2 names,Peck and Duvall and at over 50 years old i thought it might have been one of Duvalls early films.I completely forgot he was in it until the last 5 minutes.Needless to say he doesn’t have a big role,in fact i don’t think he has a speaking roll.The plot of To Kill a Mocking Bird seems abit familiar,i think there was a  few films in the early to mid nineties that had similar roles.If i remember correctly there’s a John Grisham adaptation with Bullock and  Mc Connachty in it.Maybe Samuel L. Jackson too,that guy’s in everything.Set in Alabama a Negro is accused of beating and taking advantage of a young woman.A local white lawyer defends him,much to the disapproval of all the white folk.The case doesn’t go too good for the black guy even though the evidence is stacked in his favour.In the end the guilty get their comeuppance. The sheriff has a good line near the end that i liked “Let the dead bury the dead” poignant

IMDB RATING      –     8.4
MY RATING     –    8.1
SEEN BEFORE     –     NO
RECOMMEND?     –     YES

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