70 – Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Tippings for the birds.

Tippings for the birds.

It’s been a while since i seen Reservoir Dogs and i know i’ve been slating Tarantino for a couple of other films on this list but this one is his best in my opinion.For one he doesn’t go over the top with his soundtrack like his more recent films.Also he doesn’t add as many title cards and extra bits and pieces much to it’s credit.The only real thing i would change is casting Tarantino is this as one of the guys for the heist.I think it would have worked a little better if they had someone else in his role but other than that and maybe the blood was too red in scenes it’s a good film.The main draw for Reservoir Dogs is the realism in the dialogue between the guys.The ‘tipping’ scene is one of my favorites and Steve Buscemi nails it.If i was to sum up the film i’d have to describe it as a heist film where you don’t actually see the heist and you don’t need to see it the films works without it.Looking over the credits at the end and you see quite a few from Pulp Fiction and that Keitel was producer.I’d say that contribution secured his part as one of the leads.

IMDB RATING      –     8.4
MY RATING     –    8.5
RECOMMEND?     –     YES


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