72 – Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Sometimes it was hard to tell what one of them was the girl.

Sometimes it was hard to tell what one of them was the girl.

If you had told me i would watch a film in the top 100 with Marlon Wayans i would have said “Yes!White chicks!Can’t wait”,not.,but I heard about this films some years back and it sounded like the type that would piss me off so i avoided it.So when it came up i was a bit skeptical but when i seen Aronofskys name that skepticism changed to intrigue and excitement. I’ve seen a couple of his films and they’re different and a break from the norm.Before i get into the plot i just want to say a few things about the film.There’s some really cool camera tricks with brief cuts and looped sequences to show either the passage of time of more than one person doing the same thing.There’s a few intense camera shaking and blurring scenes that would make you think that you the viewer are on drugs.Also there’s some audio tricks too.Real interesting stuff.I’m sure there’s whole thesis’s on the whole imagery of the film.The films is split into 4 chapters:Spring,Summer,Autumn and Winter.The seasons represent the four main characters stages in life.In Spring-we have Leto as a bit of a junkie,his mum is depressed and sad.In Summer leto is doing good,off the drugs and making big money.His mother is on the up and starts to become popular.Autumn,stuff starts to go down hill and fast.As for Winter,well fuck me,Winter was bad for everyone.Most of the film i enjoyed.There was a few parts that either i didn’t like of were just too sad.For example i felt really bad for Letos girlfriend with that ‘gathering’ scene near the end.Really bad and thought poor girl.But as i seen her lying on that couch holding that ball of money and watch her smile that sympathy for her just changed to something else.She didn’t feel bad about the shit she had to do,she’s just happy she can buy more drugs.So why should i feel bad for her?Fuck her.
This is getting to be a long post so i’ll wrap it up.One camera trick i don’t like seeing in films is the chest mounted steady cam thing.You know the one?Camera is mounted and pointing back at the face of the actor so it looks like they are static as the background moves while they run.
One more thing,what id the drug they are all hooked on?Then never once mention heroin in the film,Wayans says ‘skag’ once in the film and as far as i know opiods make your pupils smaller not bigger.

IMDB RATING      –     8.4
MY RATING     –    8.2
SEEN BEFORE     –     NO
RECOMMEND?     –     YES


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