73 – The Third Man (1949)

Good man yourself.

Good man yourself.

The Third Man is a bout a drug runner in post war Vienna.The drug – Penicillin,the runner – Harry Lime (Orsen Welles).Okay so it’s not quite Johnny Depp in Blow but it is illegal and it is a bit of a scam.Lime is getting soldiers to steal penicillin from the military hospitals,then he’s watering it down to make it go further and selling it on at ฃ70 a bottle.Some hospitals end up using this stuff on women  and children and the women are dying during/after child birth and the kids with meningitis it gets used on go all retarded.So retarded they don’t show a single one in the film.The plot centers around Harry’s mate,Holly,who he invites over to Vienna with the promise of a job.Holly lands over and finds out Harry was ‘killed’ that day. Penny less and without a word of German or Russian the u.s. army say they can send him home the next day.Holly does some digging around and discovers the death may not have been accident.To make a long story short Harry faked his death to escape all the people looking for him for the bad drugs.Not a bad film,i think we had to watch this one too for film studies in college,loads of mise en scene and subtle stuff like light bulbs turning one when Holly gets an idea and various bells and noises to symbolize stuff.There’s a lot of dialogue in German and Russian and i turned on the subs thinking i’d get and advantage but it was not good just [German talking].

IMDB RATING      –     8.4
MY RATING     –    8
RECOMMEND?     –     YES


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