80 – The Lion King (1994)

It would have been a short film if the monkey dropped him now.

It would have been a short film if the monkey dropped him now.

As i mentioned before i don’t much like 80’s and 90’s Disney all-singing all-dancing animated films.James Earl Jones killed in film 81 comes back from the dead to star in film 80 only to get  screwed over by his brother Scar,who wants to take over and run the kingdom in alliance with Hyenas,and gets killed again.That guy has no luck.I’m not sure why Scar wants to include the Hyenas,maybe because they laugh at his jokes or something.The style of the animation in The Lion King doesn’t appeal to me,it seems too simple and even some of the animals look way off.For example i’ve seen giraffes and zebras in real life and these representaions of them look a bit shit.I know you have to sacrafice certain features in order to add a bit of personification to an animal but some animals looked rubbish.When this first came out there was a massive bit of hype about it and the local cinema was selling out for ages.The only major other beef i had with the film is that the lions eat gazelles and antilopes,but can they not speak too?When ever there’s a dramatic bit and a lions standing on pride rock,like the beginning or the end,there’s antilopes in the crowd cheering.Why?Why cheer for your king who one day will eat you?Why not leave and go somewhere else where’s there’s no lions?Why not walk up to the lion and say ‘excuse me buddy,but could you not kill and eat me please?’

IMDB RATING      –     8.3
MY RATING     –    6.6
RECOMMEND?     –     NO


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