84 – Braveheart (1995)

You may take our lives,but you'll never take our facepaint.OUR FACEPAINT!

You may take our lives,but you’ll never take our facepaint.OUR FACEPAINT!

When i seen Braveheart was coming up on the list i was a bit excited.It’s been about 11 years since i last saw it so it’s been a good age between viewings.I was thinking throughtout the film ‘how historically accurate is Braveheart?’.I have no knowledge of Scottish history so i have to take it at face value.I think Braveheart was one of them ‘2 films in the same year with similar plots’.It happens al the time.Hollywood gets a good script and someone passes on it and then another studio tries to race it and put a similar script together and get it out before the other one.The other film i’m talking about here is Rob Roy.There’s tons more like this: Antz and A Bugs Life,Deep Impact and Armageddon,Braveheart is a lot more brutal than i remember,i thought it was a amily drama you could watch on Sunday at lunch time with your parents.Definitely not.I seen a guy get decapitated,three guys get de-limbed.Mel gets one guys leg ala black knight in Pythons Holy Grain.If you don’t know the plot,it’s about the Scotish/English war circa 1280.It’s a good film.In the battle scenes Gibson pulls off the crazy scotsman with that look in his eye.I think this is all down to Gibson himself being nuttier than a squirrels shit.The last scene is the only one that grinded my gears.The guy that set Wallace up and was in allegience with the English is now leading the SCottish?Bollox.The lack of title credits makes the viewer less concious that they’re watching a film.

IMDB RATING      –     8.3
MY RATING     –    8.1
RECOMMEND?     –     YES


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