88 – Amadeus (1984)

There's not many tits in this Mozart biopic,but i think i screen grabbed  the best ones.

There’s not many tits in this Mozart biopic,but i think i screen grabbed the best ones.

Amadeus is a semi-biographic of Mozart.It’s by no means a Hollywood epic,it’s full of D-List celebs,some from the theatre and a couple of Thespians thrown in the mix too.It must be somewhat accurate because there’s quite a lot of Mozart’s music in it.But then again there’s the copyright issue and he’s dead so maybe anyone can use it.On the whole it’s a good film if you can get over the initial American accents of Mozart and his girlfriend/wife’s.I’d heard of Amadeus but never seen it,it’s a 3 hour trip but i don’t think it’s long when you’re watching it.There are a few opera scenes where the music gets a bit too much for me personally but besides that it’s spot on.Mozarts laughcracks me up.It a good show.Good make up and wardrobe too.The story is told via flash back and the old man version looks realistic.Now that i mention that i do have one beef to make.In the beginning Salieri when he’s a kid compares himself to Mozart and says all he wanted to be like was like Mozart and Mozart inspired him to be a musician,rubbish,there’s about 20 years between them.How could a 6 year old inspire a 12 year old when there’s 20 years between them.Watch the film and see. Salieri wishes his father dead so he can play piano like Mozart who,technically,shouldn’t whoa whao whao , hold the boat…   …i just wikipediaed them and there’s only 6 years between them.Good casting guys.Not.

IMDB RATING      –     8.3
MY RATING     –    8.4
SEEN BEFORE     –     NO
RECOMMEND?     –     YES

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