91 – Bicycle Thieves (1948)

A nice glass of wine for the little kid.

A nice glass of wine for the little kid.

Bicycle Thieves is an Italian film about a man who gets his bike stolen.Set in Rome in the 1940’s there’s not many jobs about and everyone is barely scraping by on the dole but one day the guy gets offered a job putting up posters for movies and the like.But there’s one prerequisite:that he has a bike.He did have a bike but he pawned it to buy food for his wife and kid.His wife then pawns her bedsheets she got as weddings gifts and gets the bike back.So things are looking up for the small family.Then as buddy is up a ladder putting up his first poster the bike gets stolen.He spends the rest of the film worrying and going around to places where they sell bikes and bike parts.Eventually he catches the bugger who stole his bike but it’s in a rough part of town and all his neighbours gang up on him and are sticking up for the thief,he has no other option than to walk away.The last 5 minutes are sad,i won’t spoil it for you.

IMDB RATING      –     8.3
MY RATING     –    8.2
RECOMMEND?     –     YES

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