105 – Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Ouch! Me nose !

`Ouch! Me nose !

For some reason i always thought that Pans Labyrinth was a kids movie,albeit a rather dark kids movie.I think maybe because the lead character is a young girl i just automatically think the target audience are children. But I’m way off the mark you only have to wait 11 minutes to see how wrong i was.There’s a scene,picture above,where the captain smashes a farmers face in with a wine bottle and then shoots him and his father twice.Del Toro is a good director with a flair for the surreal and disturbing.He always has some great imagery.He did Hellboy too and as far a comic book movies go i’d rate it fairly high.Pans Labyrinth is about a small girl and her mother,who married a Spanish captain in the war,and their move up into the woods with a ton of soldiers and the like to plan attacks and root out the guerillas.The girl,Ofelia,is a bit infatuated with faeries and reads a lot of books on the subject. Beside the house are all these strange structures like labyrinths and stone monuments with carvings on them that no one seems to give a fuck about except Ofelia.Its here she meets a Faun and he tells her she is the soul of the underworld and needs to return there as she’s a princess.It all gets a big bizarre in parts with some brutal violence thrown in too.Ofelia makes it home in the end to the underworld,or she dies and makes it to her version of heaver.You can make up your own mind here.

IMDB RATING      –     8.3
MY RATING     –    8
RECOMMEND?     –     YES

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