133 – Cool Hand Luke (1967)

Jesus Christ pose here,bit of symbolism

Jesus Christ pose here,bit of symbolism

Paul Newman has the lead here as the title character of the film.Luke gets busted cutting the tops off parking meters while drunk and gets 2 years on a chain gang.He doesn’t really give a shit about anything,law,opinions or religion.While inside his comrades affection grows for him and he becomes ‘the man’.He tries and succeeds in escaping about 3 times but always they get him back in the end.It’s these feats that get him admiration from all the other inmates.They admire him and think he’s better than him.Then they see him get broke by “the boss” and lose all respect for him.Could they have done what he was forced to do and not get broke?No.So why should it be any different for Luke?They put him on a pedestal but in the end he’s just a man like them.A good film with some quality laughs along the way.Some great camera work and tons of bits and pieces that have been used nowadays. Take for example the bosses glasses,South Park have used this more than once.

IMDB RATING      –     8.2
MY RATING     –    8.4
RECOMMEND?     –     YES

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