192 -Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

this girl's the eye curry of the film

this girl’s the eye curry of the film

Slumdog is a good story.It has comedy,revenge,love,the trials and tribulations of life and loads of other stuff .I’ve seen this film a few years back when it was first out and enjoyed it.But i think it’s a film you can only watch once because of the way it’s told.The story is about a guy and his brother who are left orphaned in Mumbai after a lynch mob kills their mother.Trying to survive on their own they encounter some unsavoury characters like a Fagin type buck form Oliver Twist who has kids begging for him.The film spans around 10-15 years and is told via flashbacks.Danny Boyle does this well.One annoying thing is the host of who wants to be a millionaire cant say the word “millionaire”.He keeps saying “milinair”.Also i did spot one cut where a cop talks to the camera and says “stop filming” i think this was a mistake.

IMDB RATING      –     8
MY RATING     –     7.7

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