50 Films Watched.200 More to go.

It’s been over two months now since i started this blog and I’ve reached film 200.A fifth way through the list.I thought I’d do a little recap on some of the high lights so far and repost the links for the torrent files if you fancy downloading the films.

Initially when I began i might land back form the pub or from a session and put on a film and them do a sloppy few comments on it.I think this was a bad idea.There was a film that i watched from the list on T.V. one night and i sat through it again and didn’t remember lots of bits because i was fairly steamed up the first time.I didn’t do it justice,even Micheal Sweeney said it to me when i was going to the post office one day.So I’m setting a limit,a six beer max, any-more than that and i don’t watch a film.

Here’s three or four good films from the list so far that if you haven’t seen then maybe give them a whack.

  • IP Man ~ Kung-Fu semi-biographical of the man who trained Bruce Lee. 
  • A Streetcar Named Desire ~ A woman moves in with her sister and her husband,much to the husbands disapproval.
  • Sleuth ~ Micheal Caine and Laurence Olivier star in a crime caper.
  • Papillon ~ Two crooks extradited to Devils Island spend their lives trying to escape.

Download for the torrents available here:


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