241 – Skyfall (2012)

monkey want a banana?

monkey want a banana?

I seen this in the cinema about 2-3 weeks ago so this is the freshest film in my brain,but none the less i had another look at it.As this films a new one the best download  i could get was a telesync from a cam so quality was a bit crap but audio was bang on.There’s a couple of bits in this film that i had beef with.Firstly is the first chase scene when the chick shoots Bond by mistake and he falls of the train,shit,but it takes another 12 seconds until the other guy is out of sight in the tunnel.Why didn’t she shoot him too?Sure she’s probably thinking ‘fuck i shot Bond’ but reload or take aim and finish off the other buck.Another bit i was left hanging with was the casino scene and the case with the million euro.Where the fuck did it go?I thought the black one was going to to say to him at the end “Here’s your half,i put it on red and won” but no such luck.

IMDB RATING      –     8
MY RATING     –     6.8


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